My Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs…

26 Jun

Michael Jackson. I grew up with his music. I’ll admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan back in the day… born in ’82, I was a little too young to really appreciate it… but his music was always there in the background for me. I can even say that Michael Jackson changed the course of my life a little bit. In my grade six year of school, I decided I was going to audition for every play, every musical, everything. I didn’t know if I could carry a tune or not, but when the chance came along to sing a solo in the school choir, I went to the audition, and scored the part. People loved my performance so much that they encouraged me to start pursuing music more seriously. I ended up teaching vocal music for several years in my late teens and early twenties. The song it all began with was Heal The World. 

So, to honour Michael’s career in my own small way, I’ve decided to post my 5 favourite MJ songs. I’ll add pics or video later if I can just figure out how! 

5. Heal The World. Even though the tune is arguably not his best or most memorable, this song shaped a huge part of my life. How could that not be in my top 5?   

4. Black Or White. Remember the video for this, with the morphing faces? And Macaulay Culkin lip-syncing the rap in the middle? I loved it then and I love it now. The riff is great… so simple, but sticks in my brain like no other. Love how he tackles such serious subject matter in a very uplifting and positive way.    

3. They Don’t Care About Us. Tackling the same serious subject matter in a not so uplifting way… this song makes me feel feisty. Great lyrics. Potentially offensive, I suppose, but they sure did hammer the point home. Love the beat, too.   
2. The Way You Make Me Feel. I used to have this stuck in my head constantly in high school. I don’t know why. It’s just a really great, danceable love song. 

1. Man In The Mirror. Just perfect in every way. It’s sad that the lyrics encourage so many plastic surgery jokes, because they actually have a very powerful message.

What are your top 5 MJ picks?

One Response to “My Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs…”

  1. Katie July 11, 2009 at 3:43 am #

    My top 5 Michael Jackson songs….

    5.Heal the World – not his best but there’s something about it that make me warm and fuzzy, I probably would have played it loudly in my car along with the Sister Act II soundtrack – didn’t you once call my car the Godmobile?

    4. Black/White – again agreeing with you, how can you NOT like this song, for the video alone, it’s brilliant.

    3. Man in the Mirror – can you believe that I only just stumbled across this song? I know I know, I’m sure I heard it before but it never made any impression on me until recently.

    2. The Way You Make Me Feel – it’s so good. No explanation necessary.

    1. THRILLER!!!! I intend to learn the dance and perform it this halloween in the store if I’m still there! lol!

    can I do a 1.5? ABC by the Jackson 5!!!!

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