Summer is coming…!!

21 Jun

In but a few hours, it will be Summer! Time flies. Summer means it’s only one more season ’til the wedding…

…oh hey did I tell you I’m getting married?…

…Summer also means three(ish) months of delicious heat and fun and general good feelings. Does anyone else experience the Summer season as a sort of xmastime 2.0? I think it’s the memories of childhood, how in Summer, all there ever was to do was relax. Two decades later, I’ve got work, and bills, and apartment hunting, and car insurance payments, and stress… but Summer makes it all feel somehow Less Than. So, for the next three months, I am going to (try to) put aside my grown-up cares, and make the most of the time I have! 

Things to look forward to:
– Getting ice cream tomorrow. It’s tradition! Hopefully the fact that I work to close tomorrow won’t put a damper on this… yeesh! 
– Sunning my shoulders
– A wedding in a different town that will require train tickets! 
– …a trip on a train!
– Evening walks
– Iced tea, American style
– Delicious watermelon! 


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