8 Jun

Today is Impostor Friday. Impostor in the sense that it’s actually Monday, but I have the next two days off. If it makes you feel any better, I earn minimum wage and usually have to work 8 hour shifts on both Saturdays and Sundays. So don’t be hatin’! 

Anyway, I’m left here pondering what I ought to do in order to take full advantage of my makeshift weekend. As such, a list! You know I love lists!

1. Begin some “baby steps” projects. i.e., learn to draw basic shapes as part of the “draw a graphic novel!” project; set up the sewing machine in the “become a sewing MACHINE!” project; learn one new guitar chord for the “Dude… I totally forgot how to play my guitar because I didn’t pick it up for two years” project.

2. Attempt to wash sheets. Hope dryer is not still broken. Make bed with clean sheets.

3. Attempt to wash coziest pajama pants. Hope dryer is not broken again after successfully drying sheets. Hop in clean bed with dryer-toasty pajamas.

4. Stay up late for The Tonight Show. Every night.

5. Eat a big salad for dinner (um, these are not in chronological order, obvs). 

6. Get on the treadmill and get some exercise! 

7. Maybe take a nice bike ride, perhaps with Steve.

8. Watch Galaxy Quest (it has to get done. Don’t ask). 

9. Do some fun shopping with the cheque the government just sent me! I’m currently coveting a hot pink Matt&Nat bag (probably won’t find or buy one), some gladiator-esque sandals (probably will find them everywhere but won’t buy them), and GOSH brand artliner pens (will find them, will buy them in multiple). 

I’m pretty excited. Yay weekend!

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