13 May

It occurs to me that I’m obsessed with folders. Well… maybe not so much folders themselves, as the concept of folders.

Every night, when I check my email, I get a little stressed out. Lord knows why. It never goes beyond mailing lists, spam, notes from friends, and the odd bit of wedding planning. However, I’m always overcome with a horrible urge to just star the important things and shut down the browser for “later”… a later that never comes, of course. After the initial wave of anxiety passes, I always find myself thinking, “This would be so much easier if I would just organize the messages into folders…”

My music. I have yet to figure out the mac system of desktop organization. It baffles me. As such, I feel lost and adrift… and constantly, I yearn for the predictable, unchanging folders of Windows. It was a simpler time.

My papers. I have visions… literally, visions… of a massive binder, all broken up with dividers (with tabs!) into various sections. Wedding, Girl Guides, Finances, et cetera. At this point, it’s practically a wet dream.

I think what it comes down to is the fact that when I’m disorganized, I feel constantly stressed. But I’m just a very disorganized person by nature. Even when I have folders at my disposal, they quickly fall into disarray. So I don’t tend to keep them around. And yet somehow, I manage to attribute them with this mythical status… “If I could just get my hands on some folders, then everything would be okay…” Haha, if only!


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