Little teeny tiny itty bitty baby steps…

14 Apr

I fiiiiiiiinally started polishing up my C.V. today. I don’t even mean the little details such as, y’know, work experience and what not. I’m talking about just creating a layout that will stand out without making anyone’s eyes bleed. I don’t know if I’m succeeding in that regard… but hey, it’s looking better than it use to! 

I also sent a quick email to one of the places I volunteer for. I haven’t had many opportunities to do much work for them yet, unfortunately… but what the hell. I’m asking them if it’s worth me tossing my hat in the ring. Maybe that’s a mistake in itself… but too late now! It’s done. And if it’s not worth it, I can find out why, and I can take steps to make myself more valuable. 

All I can do is… try, right? 

Sigh. I’m not feeling very confident. That’s all. I guess I never have. The worst thing about that is that I don’t think you can ever really entirely eliminate that little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying “You’re not qualified for that. Not only are you not qualified, your C.V. looks stupid!” All you can do is say “Yeah, but I need to get a better job at some point!” and ignore it and write the damn cover letter anyway. 


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