7 Apr

There’s an elderly gentleman who comes to visit our shop every once in awhile. He quite likes to chat and when it’s quiet will talk your ear off… but he’s very interesting and funny, and he knows enough to leave when things pick up with customers, so I rather like him. Today I asked him his name for the first time. His name is Ed.

Ed is someone I’ve met before, but I doubt he remembers me. 5 or 6 years ago, I worked at a health food store. Ed used to come in and talk my ears off then, too. He’s not creepy or irritating the way some talkative people can be… he really just strikes me as being a bit lonely. 

So, Ed is my friend. I don’t know that management would be entirely keen on the fact that he pops in every once in awhile just to chat (given the length of his chats…) but for a guy like Ed, I’m okay with it.

In other news, I spoke with a customer today who was so hostile, he almost made me cry. Thanks, Mr. Crankypants, for making my perfectly lovely day altogether quite terrible in the end.

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