Apartment, I cannot be bothered to clean you.

6 Apr

Sunday Funday at work today. Sundays are usually very, very quiet… which means you’re either bored, or you find something to occupy your mind. In between customers, I worked out the next Girl Guides meeting that I’ll be running.

I’m a Guider, have I mentioned that?

Anyway, the good news is, our next meeting is 100% planned out. Now all I have left to do is colour in some posters, make some cue cards with pertinent facts, and bake some cookies. We’re doing a body image themed night. 

So I’m puttering around the shop, right… when who should drop by but my mom! She tried some lippie on and then went about her merry way. About 5 minutes later, she comes back, crowing “I bought something!” So naturally, my reaction is “lemme see!” She opens up the bag and what’s inside? A WII! FOR ME! MY MOM BOUGHT ME A WII!!!!!!!!!

I don’t apologize for yelling at you right there. But nor do I believe you’re mad at me for it. You understand. IT’S A WII!!!!!!!!!

Too bad I’m too poor to buy any games, haha! But next Thursday (pay day!) I’m going to reserve $60 for Animal Crossing: City Folk. I feel kind of bad splashing out on it, being that Steve and I are currently so poor that we have to move in with my parents for the summer, but given that we don’t have to pay rent… I feel like I can justify it. Ha! 

OOOOOOoooh, the pink dolphin is on the news!! You guys have all seen this, right? Um, I guess by “you guys” I mean “Katie,” but who in the world is going to appreciate this more than Katie?? NO ONE! Pink dolphin! Yessssss-uh!

One Response to “Apartment, I cannot be bothered to clean you.”

  1. Katie April 7, 2009 at 2:58 am #

    When you get some extra spending moulah you must must must seek out a used copy of Rayman and the Raving Rabbids, it is SO fun! lol!

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