Curse you, body…

1 Apr

My back totally crapped out on me today.

It hurts with the fire of a thousand burning suns. The worst part is that I don’t even know what I did to make it feel this way. Normally there’s a root cause that I can easily identify and say to myself, “well, I guess that’s something I should never do again!” For example, I should never climb in the backseat of my car and hang a cling-sticker to the window, because it forces me to bend backward in such a way that it definitely throws my back out. But all I’ve done recently is 1) sleep, and 2) dance like a maniac.

My iPod was playing in the iHome yesterday and a N.E.R.D. song came on and I started dancing like an idiot, which is the only way I know how to dance these days.

In any case, I can’t give up sleeping, and I really can’t give up dancing like a maniac! So, really, all I have to say is this:

SCREW YOU, BODY. I’ve never been terrifically happy with you at the best of times. You’ve always had a terrible predisposition to carrying weight in the most awkward of places. You hit puberty waaaaaaaaayyyyy too early. You are graceless and you make it difficult for me to get around without inadvertently hurting myself. But I refuse to be held down by your limitations!! Hurt me all you want. I EAT YOUR PAIN LIKE LOVE!!


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