Looking forward to it…

22 Mar

+ Going to see I Love You Man with Steve tonight.

+ My next paycheque.
+ related: Paying off Mastercard. This is set to happen within 2 to 3 months. They thought they finally had me because for once in my life, I started carrying a balance. You don’t have me, suckers! You will NEVER have me!!

+ Hearing from the university. Just to know for sure.

+ My next haircut. It’s not scheduled as yet but damn… I need one.

+ Finally being able to buy new clothes again. I’m actually considering applying for a 2nd job at a clothing store just so I have an excuse.

+ The day I finally, finally find a job I enjoy. It might not happen anytime soon… but I know it has to happen eventually.

+ The wedding, duh.

+ Melissa moving back to town (!!).


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