The fun fishbowl.

19 Mar

Steve & I once actually managed to kill 2 fish in the span of 24 hours. I won’t go into the gory details but suffice to say, we’ve had a fishbowl sitting around for almost a year now, holding nothing. Just taking up space. I kind of can’t stand stuff that just takes up space, but I couldn’t bear to part with this fishbowl. Because my fishbowl is shaped like a large fish. When there’s an actual fish inside, it looks like he’s been consumed. Like I said, though… no fish for us. Never again. We are clearly unfit fish caretakers. So what to do with this rad fishbowl, then?

Steve had a brilliant idea.

Today, we wrote down a bunch of fun activities on slips of paper… things like “Take a nice stroll” and “Get kites. FLY KITES!”. We folded the slips in two and… you guessed it!… put them inside the fishbowl. Now it’s the Fun Fishbowl, and every time we feel so inclined, we will pull an activity out of it and said activity must be followed through on, with few exceptions.

The exceptions are as follows:
1) If we are precluded from participating in said activity on account of inclement weather, said activity is vetoed and new activities drawn until an “indoor” activity is drawn.
2) If it is a beautiful day and we particularly want to be outside but draw an indoor activity, we are free to veto that activity and pull an “outdoor” activity instead.
3) We can never veto an activity just because one (or even both) of us doesn’t “want” to do it. An activity can only be vetoed for what can be considered a valid reason (see exceptions 1 and 2).

Today we pulled 2 activities. The first was just a “demonstration” activity, but we completed it anyway. That slip of paper read “Let’s high five!” so really, how could we not? Then Steve pulled an activity, which was “have a dvd marathon (at least three movies)”. So we walked over to Blockbuster and rented Milk, W., and Happy Go Lucky. Milk made me cry, W. was about what I expected, and we’ve yet to watch Happy Go Lucky. We are taking a break so that Steve can prepare dinner (soup!). I think that’s allowed because, well, we sort of mistimed this whole movie marathon thing. We have to eat. So Happy Go Lucky will be watched while the soup is simmering.

In other news, I should NOT eat butter tarts, ever ever ever again. I love them but they hurt my stomach so bad. It’s unfortunate that I don’t partake of them so frequently that I am actually able to remember exactly how bad. I’ll get a craving, pick some up, eat one, experience the burning fires, swear that I’ll never eat another butter tart… then go a month, forget about the indigestion, get another craving, and the whole vicious cycle starts all over again.

The end.


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