The payoff…

18 Mar

Here’s what we (Steve and I) ended up doing today:

+ Went to the used bookstore. The one I wanted to go to was closed (dunno why!) so we had to go to The Book Market. Prices erring just this side of being too high + a craptacular selection = no new books for us.

+ Played in Toys R Us. I really want to buy the Game of Life.

+ Went to Perkins and ate breakfast for dinner. I had a short stack and breakfast potatoes and I definitely got the feeling our waitress hated us a little bit. What are you, against LOVE?? Maybe she just hates pancakes and all the people who eat them.

+ Came home and watched a hockey game, followed by Ghost World. Ghost World is a lot more romantic-slash-depressing than I remember it being.

+ I am now planning a bath to ease my achy back. Dunno what’s going on with it but my lower back has been sore for the past two or three days. I’m a chronic back pain sufferer (sciatica, represent!) but it’s different this time. Less stabby (that’s good!), but seems to be affecting a greater expanse of my body (that’s bad).

For tomorrow, I’m looking forward to laundry and a short shift at work.

Incidentally, when I say “looking forward to,” I mean “dreading with every fibre of my being.” Notsomuch the laundry; the laundry I can deal with. It’s my job, man… I’m getting sick of the sound of my own voice. Everybody has a “retail voice” and mine is just a leetle too close to Paris Hilton territory for my own comfort. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to talk like Roseanne. That’d be fun.


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