5 things I’m looking forward to…

12 Mar

+ Costco! Gonna go take advantage of Mom’s membership and stock up on some necessities…

+ Springtime. It keeps teasing us… one day it’s +7, the next it’s -15. So typical for this city in March.

+ Moving. Yeah, it sucks that I have to suck it up and move back to Mom & Dad’s at my age… but I’m no longer enamored of this apartment the way I once was! It’s too small and too damn expensive! This will be a fresh start. And hey, maybe some miracle will happen wherein we (fiance and I) won’t have to move back home after all! You never know…

+ Pickin’ up a little somethin’ at mac. I’m craving lipstick lately… lord knows why ’cause I’ve always been a plain old lipbalm kinda girl in the past. Don’t care. Want Creme d’Nude. Will possess it soon.

+ ummmm… making the bed? We are not the best of bed-makers around here. I don’t know if this is just me, but I always sleep a lot more soundly when I’m in a properly made bed. I guess it makes it harder for the boy to steal all the blankets…

I think my recent run of bad luck is apparent in the fact that one of the things I’m most looking forward to is making the bed. Whatevs. It’s the small things…


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