creating silver linings…

7 Mar

Lately it seems like the universe is out to kick my ass. I can’t seem to catch a break. It’s big things (have an education but can’t find a job; thus, can’t pay the rent; thus, have to move back home with mom and dad soon) and little things alike (missing out on prime parking spaces when running late for work). So, in between complete mental meltdowns, I am trying to challenge the universe as much as I possibly can.

Basically, I’m entering a lot of contests. But also, I am writing lots of emails asking for things. Things that I don’t necessarily need or that I didn’t even think I wanted… but I’m still gonna see if I can get ’em!

I sent an email today asking for something small… can you find out if I’m eligible for this, please?… that might, just MIGHT, lead to something kinda big. So, while you’re free to laugh at me for asking in the first place, or even roll your eyes at me for asking for this thing in particular, given my track record… try to put some hope out there for me too, okay?

I can’t tell you what I asked for yet because I’m scared I’ll jinx it.


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