3 Mar

❤ When bunnies are overjoyed, they do what is widely referred to as "binkies." To do a binky basically means to jump really high, sometimes while twisting your body in mid-air. Nobody can rightfully be sad about anything knowing that somewhere out there, there exists a bunny executing the perfect binky.

❤ Waking up to a sunshine-y day. I live in perpetual winter; the merest hint of warmth that a day of sunshine brings is enough to get me by for oh, a good three weeks.

❤ Barack Obama. I still love him. My dad even uttered the words, "I like the cut of his jib." This is not a term bandied about loosely by my father, let me clear that up right now!

❤ My tiny heart shaped Valentine ring. I love it and will post a link as soon as I learn how to be a real blogger.

❤ Entering contests. Part of the fun is daydreaming about what it will be like when you win, so long as you can handle the disappointment of not winning (which I pretty much never do, so I'm pretty used to that part).


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